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What is Home Automation?

We've all seen the news or TV shows about celebrities' luxurious homes, where remote controls activate just about
anything in the house. And most of us have seen The Jetsons, where everything is automated and futuristic gadgets allow
their home to do amazing things. It makes it seem like Home Automation and the "smart home" of your dreams is impossibly
futuristic and only affordable to the rich and famous.

That couldn't be further from the truth. Home Automation is the way of the future and the future is now.
And by no means do you need to be a millionaire to enjoy Home Automation. You can outfit your entire home
with X10 Home Automation for around $10-$15 per outlet!

Home Automation can be many different things. For some, it may be remote lighting control. For others, it may be
setting your lights and temperature on a schedule to conserve energy and make sure you come home to a warm, well-lit
house every night. Some people use Home Automation for added security, some for instant alert lighting when someone
rings the doorbell (perfect for hearing impaired people). Whatever the use, Home Automation provides thousands of
solutions for every type of person on any budget.

As you can see, Home Automation is much more than using a Universal Remote or a simple light timer in your home.
It has come a long way since we first introduced it in the 1970s. It has become a lot easier to use and much more
affordable than it was back then, however, the technology used in almost all Home Automation systems remains the
same - X10 technology. Whether you want to control your home by remote, tabletop controller, PC, via the Internet,
from your cell phone or make everything motion-activated, you can do it with X10 technology.

What is X10 technology?

Since we came up with X10 technology more than 30 years ago, it has become the standard technology used in Home Automation systems worldwide. It is a type of power line control protocol that allows communication between transmitters and receivers by sending signals over your existing house wiring. It allows you to set up a home control system easily without adding any additional wiring.

In simpler terms, you have a controller, which can be any number of things including a simple plug-in device, a wireless remote or motion sensor and transceiver or even your PC. The controller sends commands through your home's power lines to turn on, off and adjust your lights, appliances, thermostat and more.

In even simpler terms, X10 Technology allows you to control your lights, appliances and more using wireless remotes, plug-in controllers, motion-activation or your computer.

The History of Home Automation

We first developed X10 technology in the mid-1970s. This revolutionary
Home Automation technology was first made available to the public in 1978, sold at Radio Shack, followed by Sears & Roebuck
and others. X10 has since expanded, manufacturing wireless products for other big name electronics companies such as Philips,
IBM, RCA, GE, Magnavox and Radio Shack. In 1996, X10 began selling online as X10.com.

X10 technology has been around a long time. Since it's introduction more than 30 years ago, the technology has matured,
allowing for a vast array of uses. It has also become much easier to use and affordable to anyone and everyone.

Today, many companies manufacture Home Automation, and it is used in millions of homes all across the globe. But aside from X10,
nobody can say that they've been designing and manufacturing Home Automation products for more than 30 years. The fact that the
actual technology used in the vast majority of Home Automation systems worldwide is named after us should tell you everything.
By name and by reputation, we are the Home Automation experts.

Home Automation Compatibility

One of the great things about X10 is that all of our products work together. That means expanding an X10 Home Automation system is easy! All of our remotes and controllers can control all of our lighting and appliance modules. Our Home Automation products work with our security system and our camera systems work with our lighting systems, etc. Sound confusing? It's really not! Just know that if it's all X10, it will work together in perfect harmony.

Plus, like we mentioned earlier, many other companies use our technology, meaning that many of their products are also compatible with X10 Home Automation systems. For example, our security systems come X10-ready. All you need to do is add our modules and remotes and you have a complete Home Automation system. Also, Insteon products (most of them, not all) are compatible with X10 Home Automation systems.

If you're building a brand new home, many home builders can build-in X10 Home Automation. However, most people do not buy brand new houses. Luckily, X10 technology sends it's signals over your existing house wiring and works with the lights and appliances you already have. And since X10 technology operates wirelessly, adding Home Automation to your home is a breeze!

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