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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are these Home Automation systems easy to set up?
A: Unbelievably easy! The majority of our Home Automation products are wireless with a plug-n-play installation.

Q: Do I need a contractor or electrician to set it up for me?
A: No way! No drilling, no wiring, no hassle! You can do it all yourself with ease!

Q: How reliable are X10 Home Automation products?
A: Very! Since we've been manufacturing these products for more than 30 years, you can rest assured they are top of the line.
They even come with a 1-year warranty!

Q: What can I control with Home Automation?
A: Tons of stuff! You can control everything from your lights and lamps to your thermostat, fans, radios and home theater equipment!

Q: What is the difference between wired and wireless Home Automation?
A: In the case of X10, wireless means that the signals travel through the air. It means you can control your lights
and appliances with a wireless remote control. Wired means just that... Home Automation wired right into your house
wiring. For example, you can install X10-enabled power outlets and light switches. However, you can also control these
with wireless remotes. Plus, we also have controllers that plug right into a wall outlet and allow you to control lights
and appliances without any wireless signals.

Q: What is the range of your wireless remote controls?
A: Your entire house! Our powerful remotes work from up to 100 feet away, even through doors, walls and floors!

Q: Once I have my X10 system, can I expand it with more Home Automation products?
A: Of course! Since all X10 Home Automation products are compatible, you can expand as much as you want with ease! Add more remotes, more light/appliance control, motion-activation and more!

Q: Can Home Automation make my home safer?
A: It sure can! Automated Security Lights are a great way to deter crime from around your home. A well-lit home is a safe home! Plus, X10 security systems are also compatible with X10 Home Automation.

Q: Can I automate my indoor and outdoor lighting?
A: Sure you can! All of our Home Automation products work indoors. We have a floodlight that works on outdoor lighting, or use Socket Lamp Modules on enclosed outdoor lights.

Q: How does Home Automation software work?
A: With ActiveHome Pro, you can control and schedule your lights, appliances and even X10 cameras from your PC. Plus, if you add myHouse Online to ActiveHome Pro, you can get online from any PC in the world and control your home with the click of a mouse!

Q: Can I control my Home Theater with your Home Automation remotes?
A: Yes! We have Universal Remotes that can control your cable box, TV, stereo, DVD player AND X10 lights and appliances!

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