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Security Lights: Security, Safety & Peace of Mind!

Numerous studies have shown that the number one way to deter crime around your home is Security Lights. The last thing burglars want is to be exposed in light, so a well-lit yard and home will keep them away. In addition, automated Security Lights light the way to your front door when you get home after dark. You will always be able to make sure the path is clear and see that there's nobody lurking in the shadows around your home. It's security, safety and peace of mind!

Security Lights are easy to set up and install with the X10 Dual Floodlight. With a built-in Motion Detector, it's motion-activated Security Lights only when you need it!

At X10, we've been designing and manufacturing Home Automation products for more than 30 years, so you know that you're getting the best, most durable product available at the best price.

This is not your average floodlight...

For starters, you can adjust the detection range of the motion detector up to 40 feet. When motion is detected within range, the dual floodlights will light up the entire yard, exposing any guests or intruders in a pool of light.

It also has a hidden control panel, which lets you adjust all the security light settings with ease. Change the detection range, set your motion detector to only detect at night so it won't come on during the day, set your floodlight in Dusk/Dawn Mode so the floodlights come on as soon as it gets dark out and turn off it's light and more. This is a very smart floodlight! You can even adjust the length of time that the lights stay on after movement has stopped from 0.1 to 30 minutes.

And that's just the beginning. This really is the world's best floodlight. If you already have X10-enabled lights in your home, you can set your floodlight to trigger them when motion is detected. That way any movement in your yard not only lights up the yard, but lights up your home as well. This floodlight is complete on it's own, but can also be added to your existing X10 Home Automation System!

Add automated Security Lights with the X10 Dual Motion-Activated Floodlight for only $49.99.

  • Motion-activated floodlights instantly come on when movement is detected
  • Variable timed shut-off allows you to adjust the length of time the lights stay on after movement stops
  • Dusk/Dawn Mode - lights automatically on at night and off during the day
  • Set detection range up to 40 feet
  • Built-in motion detector can also turn on X10-enabled lights in and around your home
  • Easy to set up and install

  • Automated Security Lights In Four Simple Steps

    Turn off the Circuit Breaker Remove the current lighting fixture Connect the X10 Module Screw in the new X10 Module

    Turn off the correct circuit breaker for the light you want to replace

    Remove the current lighting fixture, make a note of which wire is the ground and which is the power

    Match the ground and the power wires and connect them with the included screw caps

    Attach the X10 Outdoor Lighting fixture to your structure, and you're done!

    Get to know your Outdoor Lighting Home Automation System...


    The weather-proof X10 Dual Floodlight has a built-in Motion Detector which turns on the floodlights when motion is detected. Set it in dusk/dawn mode, adjust the detection range, adjust the timed delay before the lights turn off again and more from the hidden control panel. This floodlight can even turn on your existing X10-enabled lights when motion is detected!

    X10 Home Automation Dual Floodlights

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