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X10 Powerline Interface X10 Powerline Interface

X10 PRO PSC04 Powerline Interface

This is the X-10 PRO brand PSC04 powerline interface. The PSC04 Interface Module allows you to interface with the AC powerline using standard X-10 protocol. It can send X10 signals. Plugs into a regular AC outlet and connects to a third party OEM product via RJ11 (cable not included) to the output of another manufacturer's device and converts those signals into standard X10 and puts them onto the powerline. A cable is not provided by X10. The PSC04 was designed to be used by engineers and programmers. It is the developer's task to construct the appropriate cable interface (DB-9, twisted pair, etc.). The pinout is available in the technical manual.

All patent related criteria are satisfied with this interface. Using these interfaces, someone with a technical, or programming background can use a computer to completely customize the way in which they automate their environment.


If you know how to send and read RS232-type serial communication with your computer or from any other electronic device, you can develop and market your own software and/or hardware for use with X10-compatible systems without having to develop your own X10 communications hardware or having to go through costly UL approval. This module is optically isolated and UL approved. The timing-critical nature of communication with this device requires low-level hardware programming experience. It may also require dedicated microprocessor time. Thus, it is not recommended for casual programmers.


The PSC04 Power Line Interface is a cost effective ways of coupling X-10 compatible signals onto the AC power line. Permission to transmit X-10 codes is granted to purchasers of the PSC04 Power Line Interfaces.
The PSC04 is a transmitter only (One-Way) which plugs into a regular AC outlet and connects via a modular RJ11 telephone jack.

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