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Home Automation Bedroom Lighting

Bedroom Lighting control from your nightstand!

Sometimes you just don't want to get out of bed to turn on or off the bedroom lights. Other times, you don't want to
reach across the bed and wake your spouse to turn out that reading lamp. Don't worry, we have the perfect bedroom
lighting solution!

With our Bedroom Lighting Kit, you will never have to move an inch to control your lights again! One touch of a button
on a remote stuck to your nightstand turns on or off the overhead bedroom light. Another button turns on or off your
bedside reading lamp. A third button turns on or off your spouse's bedside lamp and another button dims your lamp for nice,
dim bedroom lighting to read by or watch TV at night. Plus, on those morning where you're having a hard time waking up,
gently fade on the lights so your eyes gradually adjust before you get out of bed.

It's super easy.

Here's how it works:

Let's start with the Lamp Module ($12.99 value). Simply plug the module into a wall socket then plug your bedroom lamp into the module and you're done! Now you can turn your lamp on, off and even dim it by remote without moving an inch.

For control of the overhead light, you get a Socket Lamp Module ($19.99 value). Simply screw it into the light socket, screw in the bulb and you're done. Now you can turn the overhead bedroom lighting on and off with the touch of a button.

Now for the control. You get a Bedroom Lighting Stick-On Switch ($19.99 value). Simply peel and stick the switch to your nightstand or just use it as a handheld remote. It can control three different lights - two bedroom lamps and the overhead light. Plus, it has a brighten/dim button to adjust your dimmable Lamp Module.

Finally, you get the Wireless Transceiver ($12.99 value), the backbone of your Bedroom Lighting Kit. The Transceiver receives the signals from your Switch and relays the commands through your home's existing wiring to your lights. Plus, it doubles as a lamp/appliance module so you can control your spouse's lamp by remote as well. Or, you can plug a bedroom fan or radio into the Transceiver and remotely control that!

We know that not everyone enjoys "installing" things. That's why we've made it easy. There's is no "installing" required. Since it's totally plug-n-play and wireless, you can set this Bedroom Lighting Home Automation Kit up in less than five minutes!

Many companies manufacture Home Automation, but there is only one X10, THE Home Automation experts. Rest assured, you're getting the best product at the best price, straight from the source. Take control of your bedroom lighting today and get this complete kit for just $39.95!

  • Control your bedroom overhead light and bedroom lamps by remote
  • Never get out of bed to control your bedroom lighting again - hit a button from your nightstand
  • Dim your bedside lamp at night for reading or watching TV
  • Everything included for a complete Bedroom Lighting Kit
  • Fully compatible with all other X10 Home Automation products
  • Set it up yourself in less than 5 minutes

Remote-Controlled Bedroom Lighting in 4 easy steps!

Turn off the Circuit Breaker Remove Switch Plate Connect the X10 Switch Screw in the new X10 Switch

Screw the Wireless Lamp Module into your light socket, or plug the lamp module into the wall socket.

Plug the Wireless Transceiver into any outlet on the same circuit.

Set the House codes on the Wireless Transceiver and the Wireless Lamp Module to the same letter.

Use your Slimline Wireless Wall Switch to turn your lights on and off!

Get to know your Bedroom Lighting Home Automation Kit...

Lamp Socket Module

Screw the Socket Lamp Module into the overhead light fixture, screw in the bulb and you're ready to control it by remote

Get to know your Bedroom Lighting Home Automation Kit...

Lamp Module

Plug the Lamp Module into the wall, plug the lamp into the module and take control of your reading lamp by remote

Get to know your Bedroom Lighting Home Automation Kit...

Stick-On Switch

Simply peel and stick the Bedroom Lighting Stick-On Switch to your nightstand for bedside control of all your bedroom lights

Get to know your Bedroom Lighting Home Automation Kit...


Plug the Transceiver into a wall socket. It receives the wireless signals from your Bedroom Stick-On Switch and delivers them to the lights. Plus, it doubles as a lamp/appliance module. Remotely control an additional bedside lamp or bedroom fan!

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