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We believe that technology should make life easier for everyone. Wouldn't it be great if you could control your lights by remote?
Imagine, one click to turn out the lights on movie night without getting up from the couch,
one click from your bed to dim the bedroom lamp without moving an inch,
one click to turn on then dim the dining room light for a romantic dinner and more!

Did you know that you can make this a reality in less than five minutes for less than $50 bucks?
No drilling, no wiring, no electrician and no tools required - it works with your existing lights!
All you need is this easy Remote Light Switch Kit, complete with the modules you need to control three lights immediately!

5 Minute Install Icon
Easy Plug-n-Play Setup
It's truly hard to believe how easy it is. Since this Remote Light Switch kit works with your existing lamps,
it's all plug-n-play! First, plug the Transceiver into a wall outlet. Now choose three lamps you want to control.
Plug the lamps into the two dimmable Lamp Modules and plug the Modules into wall outlets. Plug the third lamp
into the Transceiver, which doubles as a lamp/appliance module. Now you're ready to take control from anywhere
in the house with the included Slimline Remote Light Switch! It won't take more than five minutes.
See, we told you it was easy!

101 Uses!
Once you have a remote-controlled home, you're going to find that there are just about unlimited uses.
Dim the lights from the couch on movie night. Dim the reading lamp to the perfect level or set the mood
over a romantic dinner with the touch of a button. Turn on the basement lights with a click, the hallway
lights, desk lamps, family room lights and more!

Here's what you get - this Remote Light Switch system is TOP QUALITY!
Everything is included for a COMPLETE system. You get a Slimline Remote Light Switch ($19.99 value),
a Transceiver ($12.99 value),and two dimmable Lamp Modules ($25.98 value) for adjustable lighting control
on any incandescent lamps! All in all, you get a $58.96 value for just $38.95! YOU SAVE MORE THAN $20!

Slimline Remote
The Remote
The Slimline Remote Light Switch will allow you to control your lights with the touch of a button from anywhere
in the house! Simply peel-n-stick it to any surface, or just use it as a handheld remote. This powerful remote works
from up to 100 feet away through doors, floors and walls! Just click to turn on the lights, and click to turn them off again.
It even has a dim/brighten button for your dimmable Lamp Modules.
No more getting up to hit the light switch - it's all remote-controlled!

Easy to Expand!
Once you have the Transceiver (you do - it's included!), the possibilities are endless! It receives signals from remotes,
motion sensors and more! Add as much lighting and appliance control as you want! All X10 home automation products are
compatible with each other!

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