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LifeSOS LS-30

IP Based Wireless Security &
Home Automation System

LifeSOS LS-30 Caregiver System

As a trusted name in the health industry,
providing quality and reliability to our subscribers,
e-Monitoring Services now offers these same benefits
to the security industry with the only security system
available that integrates a medical alert button for
your loved ones protection.

By adopting modern microprocessor control and communicaton technologies, the LS-30 is designed
to provide all the most advanced features that you
need to protect your home and business.

The LS-30 is not only a security system but also
a home automation controller that allows you to
set as many as 15 programmable switches to
execute daily commands throughout a whole week.

With optional temperature, humidity and other
sensors, the LS-30 also operates as an
environmental monitoring center to report and
prevent floods, gas leaks and other hazards.

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