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e-Monitoring Services is an e-Health company that integrates computers, devices, and networks like the internet to
collect, store and manage your data and medical records. Our patient-centric approach provides the consumer with a
safer, better coordinated and more accessible care as a result of the improved accuracy, completeness and
accessibility of personal health information and the ability to gain remote access to care delivery services.

You will receive better and safer care when your doctors and pharmacists have a more complete picture of your health.
You can eleminate unnecessary duplicate tests that are wasteful and often risky. Information that could save your
life is available to those who treat you in an emergency. You don't have to answer the same questions every time
you visit a doctor, a clinic, or check into the hospital. Your information is safe and secure in a system that can
only be used by the people who are caring for you, and only with your consent. Thus allowing you to better assess
and manage your own health records and those of your family.

Provider Information

e-Monitoring Services is a home healthcare technology company dedicated to enhancing peoples' lives through the
use of electronic monitoring products.

e-Monitoring Services provides home medical systems for the elderly and disabled. These systems use state of
the art technology to ensure safety, ease of use, an independent lifestyle and a continuous partnership with
healthcare providers.

e-Monitoring Services is a Durable Medical Equipment (DME) supplier working with the Kansas Medical
ssistance Program (KMAP) providing services for Medicaid patients, those enrolled as Frail/Elderly (FE),
Home and Communicty Based Services (HCBS) and the Physical Disability (PD) waiver programs in Kansas.

e-Monitoring Services sells, installs, and monitors:
Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS),
Automatic Medication Dispenser,
Security Systems for Home and Business.

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