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Security Enhanced
As a trusted name in the health industry, providing quality and reliability to our subscribers, e-Monitoring Services now offers these same benefits to the security industry with the only security system available that integrates a medical alert button for your loved ones protection.

             Smart Medical Home
        Smart Home Security

By adopting modern microprocessor control and communicaton technologies, the LS-30 is designed to provide all the most advanced features that you need to protect your home and business.

The LS-30 is not only a security system but also a home automation controller that allows you to set programmable switches to execute daily commands throughout a whole week.

With optional temperature, humidity and other sensors, the LS-30 also operates as an environmental monitoring center to report and prevent floods, gas leaks and other hazards.

e-HomeView Security System
LifeSOS LS-30 PERS A Security System that provides flexibility and control at your fingertips. Homeowners look to e-Monitoring Services to protect their loved ones and property. The e-HomeView system can help protect your home from Burglary, Smoke & Fire, Carbon Monoxide, Flood, Temperature changes, and Medical Emergencies.
Basic Security System
LifeSOS LS-30 Caregiver System The Basic Home Security System package is both simple to use and affordable. Be assured that both you and your children can operate this system, which gives you the peace of mind knowing you have 24/7 monitoring in case of an emergency. This system uses standard landline telephone service.
Total Security System
LifeSOS LS-30 Caregiver System The Total Security System provides hands-free two-way communication directly with the Central Monitoring Station. The units control panel acts like an intercom and can connect you to an operator to verify your emergency, in the event you are immobile the microphone built into the base unit can detect your normal speaking voice.
Cellular Security System
LifeSOS LS-30 Caregiver System The Cellular Security System incorporates a Fixed Wireless Terminal providing GSM cellular support to the Central Monitoring Station. This is a secondary backup in case your landline telephone service is not functioning.
Fixed Wireless Terminal
LifeSOS LS-30 Caregiver System e-Monitoring Services offers the Wireless Voice Link (WVLink) a standalone Fixed Wireless Terminal providing GSM cellular support for two devices. The WVLink can be used with the Companion, Caregiver or MedReady to provide Cellular service over the mobile phone network.

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LifeSOS Companion System
LifeSOS LS-30 PERS The LifeSOS LS-30 Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) or Medical Alert System. The Companion System is simple to use and easy to install. The system can monitor multiple medical alert buttons, and is the base unit for all our systems.
Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Monitoring Solution
LifeSOS LS-30 Caregiver System e-Monitoring Services has developed an early warning system which provides detailed information showing the clients activities of daily living routine. Our ADL solution was designed to promote "aging in place" and utilizes advanced telecare sensors that can notify you of potential wandering, sleep habits, medication compliance, and live video confirmation.
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