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IP Based Wireless
Environmental Monitoring
Energy Savings Control System

LifeSOS LS-30 Full

Starting at Only $34.95 per Month

Now Monitoring the Temperature, Humidity, Light Intensity,
AC Power and Controlling the Lights, Furnace, Air Conditioning
and Appliances in your living environment to save energy has
become affordable.

Incorporating the wireless Temperature, Humidity Sensor,
Light Detector and AC Power meter is easy to do using our
LifeSOS LS-30 based software.

The LS-30 Base Unit can store up to 512 updated readings in the
memory and these readings can be retreived via the web.

Each sensor can be set to its own high/low limit and can be assigned
as an alarm device to trigger an alarm report or a control device to
control the on/off operation of 15 X10 switches/relays individually.
Because the system is wireless the user can design and deploy the
system to suit their own application easily.

Furthermore, each new reading received by the LS-30 Base Unit will
be sent out from the Ethernet interface in real time. This data is
collected and stored on our server for review with our web based
application available to the user via computer, smartphone, or iPhone.

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