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LifeSOS Companion System
Only $29.95 per Month with No Long Term Contract to Sign and No Equipment to Buy


Personal Emergency Response System (PERS)
No Equipment to Buy and No Long Term Contract to Sign

              Get Help 24-Hours a Day
      Don't Jeprodize Your Independance.

Your comfortable in your home, but the risk of a medical
emergency can get in the way of independent living.
That's where e-Monitoring Services nationwide medical
alert service can help.

The LifeSOS Companion System provides seniors and
those living with disabilities the freedom to live

Living alone doesn't mean being alone. With our
wireless medical alert system you can enjoy all the
comforts of home knowing that with just the push of
a button help is on the way.

LifeSOS Companion System

The LifeSOS Companion System comes ready to use, simply plug the unit into an active telephone line and attach the provided power plug.

LifeSOS LS-30 PERS Package contents: LifeSOS LS-30 Base Unit
1 Medical Button or Necklace
1 Rechargeable NiMH Batter Pack
1 AC Power Adapter (120v, 60hertz)
1 Telephone Cable
1 Set of Instructions

Advantages of the eMS Personal Emergency Response System

                    Your medical alert button comes in either a waterproof wristband or pendant.

                    In the event of a medical emergency, just push your help button to be connected to a trained
                        professional through the two-way voice intercom.

                    In the event you are not near the base unit we will automatically call for help on your behalf.

                    Incoming calls can be answered using the Hands-free speakerphone option, by pressing the
                        help button when you receive a call.

                    Medical Alert Buttons can be set to monitor for Inactivity.

                    Power fail safe (Battery Backup)

                    You will receive a Low Battery Notification when its time to replace the help button battery.

                    Reliable, Effective, Affordable

                    Low Cost monthly monitoring service - Cancel Anytime.

How eMS 24-Hour Monitoring Works.

                    1. Press the waterproof button on either your wristband or pendant.

                    2. A medical response operator will talk with you through the base unit.
                        In the event you are not near the base unit we will automatically call for help on your behalf.

                    3. If there is an emergency, we will send help by either dispatching an ambulance or
                        contacting a relative or neighbor.

Get Peace of Mind with a Medical Alert.

According to a report from the Centers for Disease Control, 1 in 3 senior citizes experience a fall every year, and those seniors are now more than twice as likely to fall again. Anyone who is age 65 or older and lives alone should be protected with a medical alert system. Anxiety about falling at home can greatly diminish quality of life. Fear of falling causes many seniors to limit their activities and restrict their movement, leading to reduced mobility and physical fitness, and actually increasing their actual risk of falling. A medical alert system will allow you to enjoy living independently at home with the peace of mind in knowing that should you fall, help is always available at the push of a button.

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